Comparison between BBC Player and BBC Abroad

On my further research on the BBC iplayer, I found that the BBC has introduced Mac support for its streaming catch-up TV service in beta form. Mac users can visit the BBC iplayer site now to immediately begin streaming shows broadcast across the last seven days. It’s understood that the facility to download shows is available for Mac and Linux users. Radio BBC iPlayer, which offers a library of BBC Radio, has been integrated into BBC iplayer.But I would like to add to the hypothesis that there are ways around some of the restrictions – using Foxy proxy to make iPlayer think live in the UK, and having a UK iTunes account so as to access pod casts that way. But this is breaking the rules because the BBC abroad seems to treat everyone beyond the British Isles differently. There are other low cost services that offer BBC abroad. These low cost services give only 1 UK VPN connection that they oversell, you will find a lot of buffering and connection problems as many people are trying to use the same connection in peak times. Every account has free access to USA servers irrespective to unblock any USA restricted website such as Hulu TV, Fox, and NBC etc.I have now concluded that this is a much more expensive route, as payment is needed to make for the TV subscription as well; however the quality of picture is just amazing. For an expat living abroad and willing to watch BBC abroad online it really is the best option, there is no other way to watch BBC for instance.

I recommend everyone to go through for further information.

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