Methods I Adopted to Watch and Record BBC Iplayer

On my overseas visit with the intention to keep in touch with BBC, I found that the reason why BBC iplayer is funded by the UK TV license; if the TV license is not applied for and paid, then there is no right to watch BBC iplayer abroad.I also explored that what the BBC site does is checking the location of computer through its IP address. Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address given to it, this address has a physical location attached to it. So if the spectator is overseas the IP address discloses to all about it. All that is required is to fool the system, thinking as if the user is located in the UK; here the UK IP address is required.Let me also add that recording and capturing is not the same thing. With recording, what happens is that the software actually connects to the broadcasters system and then attempts to retrieve the recording from a specific location and proceed to download it to a folder on hard-drive. For example, watching a programme on BBC Iplayer whilst the software downloads it in the background. This recording is achieved by using something called RTMP protocol (Real Time Messaging Protocol) which is a specific method of communication to handle streaming content over the Internet (RTMP was developed by Adobe Systems – a leading player in the multimedia software business).

I recommend everyone to go through for further information.

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